Necker, Jacques. De l'administration des finances de la France.

No place or publisher, 1784.

Large 8vo. 3 vols. VII, (1), CLIX, (1), 352 pp. VII, (1), 536 pp. VIII, 468 pp. With folding table in vol. 1. Contemporary grey wrappers with handwritten titles to spine.


First edition, likely first issue. The only authentic account of the finances of France previous to the Revolution. This was undoubtedly Necker's most successful book: it saw some 20 editions (or issues) within a few years, including translations into English, German and other languages. It is said to have sold 80,000 copies, though McCulloch's statement that this occurred "in the course of a few days" would seem exaggerated. Carpenter distinguishes seven issues all dated "1784" and, according to him, all printed from the same type setting, but differing in pagination as well as in location and number of errata. The present issue fully agrees the description of his first item (with respectively 12, 10 and 8 errata on the last preliminary page of each volume), but it does not show the misnumbering of page VIII of the third volume. The second volume includes the Supplement (pp. 533-536) referring to the edict of August 1784 which "appeared since the printing of the previous chapters".

Entirely untrimmed copy measuring ca. 14 x 21,8 cm. In fine general condition.

*Einaudi A582. Kress B.752-756. Carpenter XXIX,1. Coquelin & Guillaumin II, 272. McCulloch p. 347.

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