Official Arabic edition

Mazloum, Maximos. [Canons of the Synod of 'Ain Traz, Arabic].

Rome, typis S. Congregationis de Propaganda Fide, 1841.

43, (1) pp., 2 blank ff. Contemporary wrappers. 8vo.


The official Arabic edition of the canons of the first council of Ain Traz (southeast of Beirut, Lebanon), held in 1835; the Latin text is not considered official. The Synod of Ain-Traz "was convoked and presided over by the then newly elected patriarch Maximos Mazloum on Dec. 13, 1835. The canons outlined by this synod relate to the Melchite discipline. They regulate Baptism, Confirmation, the Liturgy of the Presanctified, Confession, Extreme Unction, Holy Orders, Matrimony, communication in sacris, the holy days of obligation, the clergy (garb, commerce, residence, catechism, exercise of medicine, inheritance), the religious (garb, exclaustration), pastoral visits of the bishops, alms to the seminary of Ain-Traz, charitable foundations, fast and abstinence, pilgrimages to different churches, usury, etc. The Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith confirmed in forma generali the 25 canons listed above with few modifications of the text submitted. In this manner the Melchite discipline [...] received the official stamp of the Church on Jan. 13, 1838" (Cath. Encyclopedia). "Finalement, le 28 août 1841, la Congr. de la Propagande publia un décret approuvant in forma generali les canons de 1835; elle en assurait la publication et aucune autre édition ne ferait autorité. L'édition arabe ainsi faite en 1841 par ordre de la Congrégation contenait de très légères retouches aus quatre canons discutés" (Histoire des conciles).

Entirely printed in Arabic save for the "Decretum" (promulgation dated 28 August 1841) printed in Latin. A very good, untrimmed and uncut copy.

Cf. Histoire des conciles d'après les documents originaux XI: conciles des orientaux catholiques, partie 1 (Paris 1949), p. 390.

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