Sa'd al-Din Mas'ud al-Taftazani. Ghayat Tahdhib al-Kalam fi Tahrir al-Mantiq wal-Kalam wa-Taqrib al-Maram (Introduction to the Logic).

N. p., [1779 CE] = 987 H.

8vo (14,8 x 9,5 cm). [1] + 12 ff. Arabic indigenous paper, nasta'liq script of calligraphic quality, 9 lines to the page, black ink, with headings executed in gold, illumination (two flowers over the beginning of the text). Full-leather Oriental binding with ornamentation (borders, flowers, in gold paint).


An introduction to logic by Sa'd al-Din Mas'ud al-Taftazani (d. 792/1390). Sa'd al-Din Mas'ud al-Taftazani, a renowned scholar, was born in the village of Taftazan in the north-eastern Iranian province of Khurasan. He also wrote works on Arabic grammar, rhetoric, theology, logic, law, and Quranic exegesis (tafsir). This extract on logic was taken by the author (not mentioned in the present manuscript) from his larger work Tahdhib al-Kalam.

Cf. GAL S II, p. 302.

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