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Danckerts, Justus. Nova totius terrarum orbis. Amsterdam, Danckerts, [ca. 1685]. Amsterdam, Danckerts, [ca. 1685]. Folio (325 x 530 mm). With 31 double-page engraved maps, including one world map, partly in original hand colour, and 36 engraved city views. 18th century half calf over marbled boards.

EUR 8,500.00

A collection of maps from the famous Danckerts atlas, created around 1685 and compiled in this version in the late 18th century. The volume contains 28 maps by the Dutch engraver and publisher Justus Danckerts (1635-1701), including a world map showing the Eastern and Western hemispheres, maps of Europe, Asia, Africa and America, as well as maps of Spain, France, Italy, Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Bohemia, Hungary, the Balkan Peninsula, Greece, and Poland. The views show various cities in Hungary and Greece, also including Constantinople. There are three maps not originating from Danckerts: a postal map of Germany published in Augsburg by Matthias Seutter; another showing the Holy Land, by Guillaume Sanson; and the third showing the Habsburg empire in 1781, which suggests the terminus post quem for the compilation of this volume. - Lacks a title-page. With 19th century bookplate of a member of the Lasser von Zollheim family, probably Johann Baptist (1822-89), librarian and later the abbot of the Benedictine abbey of Lambach in Upper Austria. A handwritten table of contents on the reverse of the first map; each map numbered by hand. On the back of the maps of France and Poland is a list of field marshals who served under Napoleon. Handwritten bibliographical notes to flyleaf. - Binding rubbed, spine-ends bumped. Paper variously brownstained and fingerstained. A few remarginings with slight loss of text. From the library of the Viennese collector Werner Habel with his signed and stamped ownership, dated 1978, to pastedown. {BN#48867}
¶ Tibbetts 141. Tooley I, 331. Cf. Philipps 540-541 (1703?), 3470 (1710). Cf. Tooley IV, 104 (Sanson, not mentioning this map), 150 (Seutter, not mentioning this map). Not in Al Ankary, Al-Qasimi, or Couto.

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The invention of America

De Bry, Theodor. [The Great American Voyages]. Vols. 1-9 plus variant... duplicate volumes of IV and VIII, in all 11 volumes, bound in 9. Mixed editions/issues, mixed German and Latin text. Frankfurt/Oppenheim, 1591-1625. Frankfurt/Oppenheim, 1591-1625. Folio. Bound in 9 uniform magnificent late 19th century full green morocco bindings with gilt centrepieces, gilt lines to edges of boards and gilt line-frames to inside of boards. All edges gilt and all volumes signed W. Pratt.

EUR 185,000.00

A lovely set, exquisitely and uniformly bound, magnificently restored in the most gentle and respectful of manners, of the entire original run of De Bry's "Great American Voyages" (supplied by extra variant copies of volumes IV and VIII), the magnificent work that is responsible for shaping the European image of the New World, inventing it in the minds of the masses. Presenting a broad view of European conquests in America and the first contact with the American Indians, De Bry's Great American Voyages represents the first attempt to introduce in Europe - and on a large scale - a pictorial image of the New World as a whole. With it, the first iconography of the American Indian had been created, and most Europeans glimpsed for the first time the wonders of the New World in the illustrations present here. For more than a century, the European view of the New World was dominated by the present work. Theodor de Bry himself published the first six parts (in German and Latin simultaneously), and after his death, his widow and his two sons issued the three following parts. "It appears that they intended to stop there" (Sabin III, 20). However, 17 years later, Johann Theodor decided to publish another three volumes (1619-24). These are not present here. The present set is a mix of the German and Latin volumes (which appeared simultaneously), and as always in a mix of editions and issues. Due to the great scarcity as well as the complex bibliographical nature of "The Great American Voyages", no sets of this great work are said to be alike. They are always made up of different languages, editions, and issues, and there is said to be no such thing as a "complete set". Copies of sets are almost always in very poor condition. - With the book plate of John Jay Paul (dated 1913 and 1914) to each volume, and each volume with a tipped-in manuscript note describing issue points and/or the main restoration work (one dated 1919). - Gentle washing, pressing, and a few restorations; some maps neatly mounted, 2 maps supplied in facsimile (being the map in both copies of vol. VIII, which is not always present and thus technically not lacking), and a few leaves supposedly supplied from other copies. Occasional slight cropping. All in all a very handsome and well preserved copy. {BN#44567}

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Dreyhaupt, Johann Christoph von. Pagus neletici et nudzici, oder Ausführliche diplomatisch-historische Beschreibung... des zum [...] Hertzogthum Magdeburg gehörigen Saal-Creyses, und aller darinnen befindlichen Städte, Schlösser, Aemter, Rittergüter, adelichen Familien, Kirchen, Clöster, Pfarren und Dörffer, insonderheit der Städte Halle, Neumarckt, Glaucha, Wettin, Löbegün, Cönnern und Alsleben [...]. Halle, Waisenhaus, 1755. Halle, Waisenhaus, 1755. Folio. 2 parts and 2 addenda in 1 vol. (26), 1108, (20) pp. (22), 974 [but: 972], (20) pp. 232 pp. 221, (1) pp. Both title pages printed in red and black. With engr. frontispiece, engr. portrait, 61 plates (some folding), 57 engravings in the text, and 34 woodcuts in the text. Contemp. calf with giltstamped label to attractively gilt spine. All edges marbled. Coloured endpapers.

EUR 3,500.00

Second edition (first printed in 1749/50). Principal work of the Halle jurist and historian J. C. von Dreyhaupt (1699-1768), in which he published for the first time "copious archival material, including hundreds of documents, biographies, and genealogies" (cf. DBE). "Still indispensable to anyone studying the time and area" (cf. NDB). "Model of a town chronicle" (cf. ADB). - Rarely encountered complete with both addenda (dated 1749 and 1750). With views of Alsleben, Cönnern, Giebichenstein, Löbegrün, and Wettin, seven buildings in Halle, plans, portraits, coats of arms, coins, seals, script specimens, etc. - Monumental binding slightly rubbed. Ms. genealogical note pertaining to the Malsch family of Halle on verso of frontispiece (dated 1850). 5 engravings (pt. 1: 4-6; pt. 2: 40, 41) show large tears and strong wrinkling. Occasional slight brownstaining; very clean altogether. {BN#21303}
¶ Engelmann 865f. Cf. NDB IV, 124. ADB V, 407. Cf. Thieme/Becker XV, 129.

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Monumental nautical work with 24 volvelles

Dudley, Sir Robert. Arcano del Mare. Florence, Giuseppe Cocchini, Giacopo Bagnoni & Antonio Francesco Lucini, 1661. Florence, Giuseppe Cocchini, Giacopo Bagnoni & Antonio Francesco Lucini, 1661. Large folio (500 x 560 mm). Book 1: (4), 30 pp., with engraved vignette of navigational instrument on printed title-page; double-page-sized engraved plate (facsimile of the Patent), 28 engraved plates including 24 volvelles: 21 with 29 moveable parts and 3 with strings. Book 2: 24 pp., 9 engraved plates with 6 volvelles (and 9 moveable parts), lacking the 15 engraved maps. Book 3: 25, (1) pp., 6 engraved plates. Book 4: 12 pp, 14 engraved plates (7 of which are double-page-sized). Book 5: 26 pp., 89 engraved plates, 36 with volvelles (with 61 moveable parts, another loose, and 5 strings), 4 double-page-sized. Without Book 6 (containing the Sea Charts). In all, 146 engraved plates, of which 66 show one or more volvelles, with 100 moveable parts. Full contemporary calf, ornate gilt spine with original red calf gilt title label. Includes Dudley's maritime map of the Indian Ocean, with the east of the Arabian Peninsula.

EUR 85,000.00

Second (and arguably best) edition of Dudley’s landmark work on shipbuilding, nautical and astronomical instruments and navigation, all profusely illustrated with engravings. Book 1 deals with longitude; book 2 covers the errors which can be made when drawing sea-charts; book 3 deals with military and naval manoeuvres and exercise; book 4 describes the method of designing and building ships, on which this present work is the first scientific publication; book 5 is devoted to the art of navigation. Book 6, which is not present here, contains the sea atlas. The "Arcano del Mare (secrets of the sea) ... is an encyclopedia of everything connected with the sea from shipbuilding to navigation to cartography. This volume contains the text and volvelles for the sections devoted to navigation. It has been said that this volume is to the history of precision instruments of the seventeenth century what Peter Apian’s Astronomicum Caesareum was to the sixteenth" (Tomash & Williams). - The engraver employed for the immense task was Antonio Francesco Lucini, born in Florence in 1605. Lucini states in this second edition of 1661 that he worked for twelve years in a small Tuscan village, using 5,000 pounds of copper to make the plates. They represent the finest of Italian capabilities, the clarity of the engraving presenting an uncluttered image. Even the florid italic calligraphy, while fulfilling a purpose, is of the highest standard. - This is an example of the first volume only, containing books 1-5 of 6 but lacking the 15 general maps. The Library of Congress possesses a similar volume, and Phillips describes in detail the differing collations of Books 1-5. "The remainder of the work consists of writings to explain navigation, latitude and longitude, winds, tides, military and naval warfare, naval architecture, and instruments. Dudley illustrates his constructions and supplies working models with volvelles and pointers which can be moved for calculations [...] Up to about 1946, the Specola Museum in Florence possessed working wooden models of the instruments devised by Dudley. Unfortunately they were unwittingly destroyed in a building's incinerator during a fuel shortage" (Dilke). - Bookplate of the Institution of Naval Architects, Scott Library collection, recording presentation of the book by Mr. R. E. Scott, July 1930, on front pastedown. Hinges restored preserving original spine. Generally in very good condition. {BN#49286}
¶ Phillips 3428. Shirley, M.Dud-1b. Dilke, "Sir Robert Dudley's contribution to cartography", in: The Map Collector 19 (June 1982), pp. 10-14. The A. E. Nordenskiöld Collection 70. Tomash & Williams D69.

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Pirated edition of a pirate's memoirs

Duguay-Trouin, René. Mémoires de monsieur Du Guay-Trouin, lieutenant-général des armées... navales [...]. Nouvelle edition. Paris, no printer, 1774. Paris, no printer, 1774. 8vo. 316 pp. With engraved portrait frontispiece, folding engraved map and 5 engraved plates. Contemporary boards with remains of a handwritten spine label. All edges sprinkled red.

EUR 850.00

Rare later edition, apparently surreptitious, of the memoirs of the famous Breton corsair and adventurer of Saint-Malo, whose brilliant privateering career earned him the rank of "Lieutenant-General of the Naval Armies of the King". They were first published in 1730 and then again, with substantial changes, in 1740, four years after the author's death. "These are the memoirs of one of the most illustrious French seamen and corsairs. He inflicted many defeats on English and Dutch warships and in 1711 captured Rio de Janeiro from the Portuguese" (Cox II, 441). - Handwritten ink ownership to half-title; a few short tears to the plates' folds, but well preserved. The illustrations show ships engaged in naval battles; the plan shows the bay and city of Rio de Janeiro. {BN#50882}
¶ Polak, Bibliographie maritime française, 2855. De la découverte à l'émancipation (Exposition Paris, Bibliothèque Mazarine, 1998/99) 69. OCLC 800801923. Cf. Nederl. Scheepvaart. Museum I, 575 (1730 ed.). Brunet II, 1780 (1740 ed.). Borba de Moraes pp. 232f. (various editions). Bosch-Brasilien-Bibliothek I, 186 (1740 ed.).

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[East India Company]. Three Letters Addressed to a Friend in India,... by a Proprietor. Principally on the Subject of Importing Bengal Sugars into England. London, J. Debrett, 1793. London, J. Debrett, 1793. 8vo. 88 pp. With a folding table "Profit and loss on sugars imported from Begal" after p. 10. Disbound with remains of a calf spine.

EUR 1,500.00

First edition. - "It is contended, in these letters, that the India company are already in possession of exclusive privileges which many deem injurious to the public, and that it would be gross impolicy to invest them with the power of converting the sugar trade into a monopoly. An equalization of duties is deemed both unnecessary and impolitic; unneccessary, because the East India company can bring sugars to market with a profit subject to the present high duties, as long as it can be for the general interest of the nation, that they should so do; and impolitic, because the East India company would totally ruin the West India islands if they can import sugars to any extet for which a demand can be found" (The Analytical Review 15 [1793], p. 523). - Title a little spotty; slight dampstain in the upper margin. "No. 4" handwritten in old ink to upper right corner of title page. {BN#48294}
¶ Goldsmiths 15622. Ames Library pamphlet collection 91:5. ESTC T2945 (7 copies). OCLC 503866141.

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Echard, Laurence. Dictionnaire géographique-portatif, ou Description des royaumes, provinces, villes,... [...] et autres lieux considérables des quatre parties du monde. Paris, chez les libraires associés, 1784. Paris, chez les libraires associés, 1784. Titel, (2), 825, (3) SS. Lederband der Zeit mit goldgepr. Rückenschildchen und -vergoldung. Dreiseitiger Rotschnitt. 8vo.

EUR 110.00

Nouvelle édition, revue, corrigée & augmentée des bekannten geographischen Lexikons von Vosgien (d. i. J.-B. Ladvocat, 1709-65). "Cet ouvrage [...] donné comme une traduction de l'anglais de Laurent Echart, est un abrégé du Dictionnaire géographique de 'La Martinière' (NBG XXVIII, 647). Nach der 13. Ausgabe des erstmals 1695 erschienenen "Geographical Index" von Laurence Echard (1670?-1730), der zuerst 1749 auf französisch herauskam. - Ohne die manchen Ausgaben beigegebene Karte. Deckelkanten modern restauriert; Rücken craqueliert. {BN#5239}
¶ OCLC 36710502. Vgl. Barbier I, 975. Quérard III, 978.

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[England]. Photographie. O. O., um 1880. O. O., um 1880. Albuminabzug (Vintage). 145:202 mm (Bildmaß). Auf Kartonträger aufgezogen.

EUR 60.00

Die Aufnahme zeigt einen bebauten Küstenabschnitt (im Vordergrund Gartenmauern und ein Spaziergänger, im Mittelgrund eine Straßenlaterne, eine Trinkwassersäule sowie ein kieloben an Land liegendes Boot), an dem der Sturm die Gischt emporpeitscht. Verso von zeitgenöss. Hand mit Bleistift beschriftet "Brandung an der englischen Küste". - Sauber und nur im rechten Rand schwach gebleicht; teils minimal fleckig. {BN#15409}

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Beijing in the late 19th century, illustrated with numerous photographs

Favier, Alphonse. Péking histoire et description. Peking, Imprimerie des Lazaristes au Pe-Tang, 1897. Peking, Imprimerie des Lazaristes au Pe-Tang, 1897. Folio (255 x 355 mm). 2 vols. bound as one (continuous page numbers). XII, (4), 336, (4), 337-"562" [= 552], (2) pp. With a frontispiece to each part, 51 plates with photolithographs and collographs, 1 tinted map and 660 wood engraved illustrations in text. Modern half cloth, with the original wrappers bound in.

EUR 4,500.00

First edition of an important source on Beijing in the late 19th century, written by the Lazarite Vicar Apostolic Alphonse Favier (1837-1905). Favier arrived in China in 1862 and became the Vicar Apostolic of Northern Chihli in 1899. Originally educated as an architect, he helped to rebuild the Xishiku Church, also called Beitang, in 1887. The work is divided into two volumes. The first deals with the history of Beijing, starting with the topography, followed by old myths and legends, the subsequent dynasties, and an extensive account on Christianity and the different missionary orders in China. In the second a description of the city is given, including the statues, gardens, churches and palaces that are to be found there. The photograph illustrations show unique views of the city in the late 19th century. - This copy is numbered 191 (of 800?). There also exists a deluxe edition, which contains an additional 10 coloured engravings. Due to its success the work was republished in France in 1900 and 1902. - With an inscription on half-title, dated 12 Oktober 1909. Slightly browned throughout, but otherwise a very good copy, wholly untrimmed. The original wrappers are included, but worn. {BN#45577}
¶ Cordier (Sinica) 218.

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China, Hong Kong, Indochina, Malaya and the Dutch East Indies in the early 20th century

Feldwick, W. (ed.). Present day impressions of the Far East and... prominent and progressive Chinese at home and abroad. The history, people, commerce, industries and resources of China, Hongkong, Indo-China, Malaya and Netherlands India. London, the Globe Encyclopedia Project, (printed by the Unwin Brothers, Woking & London), 1917. London, the Globe Encyclopedia Project, (printed by the Unwin Brothers, Woking & London), 1917. Folio (31 x 26 x 10 cm). 1211, (1) pp. With chromolithographed title-page and frontispiece portrait of George the 5th (photogravure), numerous photographic reproductions in text. Publisher's gold-blocked leather, gilt edges.

EUR 6,500.00

Encyclopaedic work on China, Hong Kong, Indochina, Malaya and the Dutch East Indies, giving a comprehensive view of the state of these countries in the early twentieth century. Extensively illustrated, including numerous reproductions of photographs. A separate publication by the company that published the Globe Encyclopedia. - Portrait slightly foxed, spine discoloured, otherwise in very good condition. {BN#45593}

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Monumental navigational directory of Eastern Asia

Findlay, Alexander George. A Directory for the Navigation of the Indian... Archipelago and the Coast of China, From the Straits of Malacca and Sunda, and the Passages East of Java, to Canton, Shanghai, the Yellow Sea, and Korea. With the Descriptions of the Winds, Monsoons, and Currents, and General Instructions for the Various Channels, Harbours, etc. Third Edition. London, Richard Holmes Laurie, 1889. London, Richard Holmes Laurie, 1889. Royal 8vo. XLVIII, IV, 1478 pp. + (2), 8 pp. of publisher's catalogue. With 11 folded maps and charts. Publisher's original full cloth, blindstamped and with gilt lettering.

EUR 2,500.00

Third edition of Findlay's monumental navigational directory of Eastern Asia, including the Straits of Malacca, Sunda, and Singapore, the east coast of Sumatra, the Gulf of Siam (now Thailand), the coasts of Cochin China, Tonkin, Borneao, the Philippines, the China Sea, Java and the Java Sea, the islands, the coast of China, Hong Kong, Formosa (Taiwan), Shanghai, and Korea. - Inner front hinge reinforced, but clean and fine. Stamps of the Royal Danish Navy Library and the Royal Danish Maps and Charts Archive on title-page. Rare: OCLC lists a single copy (in the National Library of Sweden). {BN#50166}
¶ OCLC 940735103.

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Finot, Louis & H. Parmentier & Victor Goloubew. Le Temple d'Angkor Vat. Première partie, l'Architecture du... monument (2 vols.) & Deuxième partie, La sculpture ornementale du temple (2 vols.). Paris , G. van Oest, 1929-1930. Paris , G. van Oest, 1929-1930. Original boards.

EUR 2,500.00

Good copies. {BN#45653}

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[Flags]. Bansen kishou zu (Pictures of foreign ship flags). [Japan, ca. 1850s]. [Japan, ca. 1850s]. 34 pp., accordion-bound, containing a double-page map of the world and 182 hand-coloured images of flags. Text in Japanese. Speckled stiff paper boards with original title label.

EUR 7,500.00

Arranged by continent, the naval flags here depicted represent mostly European countries, though the Americas, Russia, Australia, Tunis, and Morocco are also present. Probably published soon after Commodore Perry's expedition enforced the opening of Japan to the West in 1854. Rare: a single copy located in libraries worldwide (Tokyo Imperial Palace; shelfmark 274,662). - Title label rubbed, some worming throughout (mostly confined to the margins). {BN#45635}

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Early gazetteer of the Ottoman Empire

[Francisci, Erasmus; Pseud.:] Theophilus Urbinus. Türckisches Städt-Büchlein: Darinn Hundert und etliche der auserlesensten... Städte, Vestungen und Schlösser, so der Ottomannischen Herrschafft, theils im Königreich Ungarn, theils in andern Reichen und Theilen der Welt, unterworffen; Samt deren Belägerung, Eroberung, Schlachten, Antiquitäten [...]. Nuremberg, Johann Hofmann, 1664. Nuremberg, Johann Hofmann, 1664. 12mo. (20), 455, (1) pp. With separate double-page-sized engraved title and 24 engraved plates (mostly views). (Bound after) II: Grundmann, Martin. Geist- und Weltliche Geschichtschule, oder ergetzliche nutz- und lehrreiche Geschichte, Beyspiele und Begebnüsse von mancherley wunderbare[n] Verhengnüssen, Gerichten, Wolthaten und Straffen Gottes, als auch seltsamen Zufällen, Eigenschafften und denckwürdigen Tugend- und Lasterthaten der Menschenkinder. Auß bewährten, gelährter Leute Geschicht- Zeit- und Kunstbüchern zusammenbracht. Dresden, Andreas Löffler, 1655. (12), 405, (11) pp. With separate engraved title page and a numismatic plate opposite p. 185. Contemporary vellum.

EUR 9,500.00

Early, rare German-language gazetteer of the Ottoman Empire, describing many cities and places throughout the Middle East, the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe, including 17th-century accounts of Aden, Mecca and Medina in Arabia. The bird's eye views and plates include Aden, Alexandria, Algiers, and Rhodes; Constantinople; Buda, Pest, Kanizsa, Eger, Esztergom, and Temesvar, as well as Muhammad's grave in Medina. Prefixed to the work is an index of sources from whom this compilation has been drawn (including several Muslim and oriental authors). - Bound first is the first edition of Grundmann's historical manual, with alphabetical articles about the lives or rulers and saints, rare and fantastic plants and beasts, exotic godheads, historical events, commendable traits of character, etc. The fine engraved title includes eight emblematic vignettes. - Old stamps to titles of Grundmann's work; altogether a finely preserved specimen. {BN#44154}
¶ I: VD 17, 23:315597C. Dünnhaupt 11 (citing only 22 plates). Nebehay/Wagner 1051 (citing only 17 plates). Jöcher II, 704. Will I, 463. Not in Aboussouan, Atabey, Blackmer. - II: VD 17, 39:119939P.

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[Frankreich - Polemik]. Eröffnete frantzösische geheime Raths-Stube, worinnen die Consilia über... jetzigen Zustand zusammen getragen worden, wie die Cron Franckreich bey schweren Conjuncturen sich zu verhalten, damit Sie aus dem Labyrinth mit Manier kommen möchte. O. O. u. Dr., 1673. O. O. u. Dr., 1673. 27 unnum. Bll. Mit Holzschnittvignette am Titel. Pergamentband der Zeit. Bindebänder fehlen. 4to.

EUR 150.00

Streitschrift im Kontext des Niederländischen Kriegs, den Frankreich gegen die Generalstaaten im Bündnis mit dem Reich, Brandenburg, Österreich und Spanien führte. Eine von 3 Druckvarianten im Jahr der Erstausgabe. - Papierbedingt durchgehend etwas gebräunt bzw. braunfleckig. Einige kl. Randläsuren; in Bl. Cii größerer Eckausriß (mit Textverlust). {BN#12113}
¶ VD 17, 3:608354K.

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[Friend, Washington]. The Falls of Niagara: Being a Complete Guide... to all the Points of Interest Around and in the Immediate Neighbourhood of the Great Cataract. New York, T. Nelson and Sons, [ca. 1875]. New York, T. Nelson and Sons, [ca. 1875]. 40 SS. Mit 12 Holzstichen mit Tonplatte. Roter ill. Originalleinenband mit Schwarz- und Goldprägung sowie 1 (wdh.) Holzstichillustration mit Tonplatte am Vorderdeckel montiert. Qu.-12mo.

EUR 70.00

Etwas spätere Ausgabe (EA 1858) mit 12 hübschen Holzstichillustrationen der Niagarafälle (nach W. Friend und Photographien). - Vorsatzblatt etwas tintenfleckig (leichte Durchschlagspuren am Titel). Einband leicht wellig; die Einbandillustration etwas angeschmutzt und verkratzt; die Ansichten gut erhalten. {BN#10441}
¶ OCLC 10361199. Vgl. Sabin 55116. Nicht bei Howes.

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Gallagher, L. J. China in the Sixteenth Century. The Journals of... Matthew Ricci: 1583-1610. New York, Random House, 1953. New York, Random House, 1953. XXII, 617 pp. incl. index in English & Chinese languages. Cloth with dustjacket.

EUR 250.00

A good copy. {BN#45654}

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Garrucci, Raffaele, SJ. Intorno ad alcune iscrizione antiche di Salerno. Naples, Stamperia dell'Iride, 1851. Naples, Stamperia dell'Iride, 1851. 8vo. 35, (1) pp. With a folding engraved plate. (Bound with) II: Adilardi, Francesco. Cenno storico sul vescovato di Nicastro. Seconda edizione. Naples, G. Ranucci, 1848. VIII, 58 pp. (Bound with) III: The same. Cenno storico sul vescovato di Nicotera. Quarta edizione. Ibid., 1849. (4), 28 pp. (Bound with) IV: The same. Cenno storico sulla chiesa vescovile di Tropea. Naples, tipografia all'insegna del Diogene, 1849. (8), 47, (1) pp. Marbled half calf with giltstamped title to gilt spine. Marbled endpapers.

EUR 600.00

Collection of four extremely rare historical works with a southern Italian subject. I: Rare and early publication by the prolific Neapolitan Jesuit Garrucci (1812-85), unrecorded by De Backer/Sommervogel, about ancient inscriptions discovered in Salerno. - II-IV: Three works by Francesco Adilardi (1815-52) on Calabrian church history, the second inscribed by the author to the Duc de Luynes on the half-title. The Duke's autograph table of contents for this made-up volume is on the rear flyleaf. - Insignificant foxing; very appealingly bound. Removed from the library of the Ducs de Luynes at the Château de Dampierre: their bookplate reproducing the arms of Charles Marie d'Albert de Luynes (1783-1839), 7th Duc de Luynes, on pastedown. {BN#33280}
¶ I: OCLC 40953700. ICCU SBL728508. Not in De Backer/Sommervogel. - II: ICCU PAL096576. III: OCLC 431941148. ICCU SBL717659.

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Geib, Karl [d. i. Göppinger, Karl]. Malerische Wanderungen am Rhein von Constanz bis Cöln,... nebst Ausflügen nach dem Schwarzwald, der Bergstrasse und den Bädern des Taunus. I. (-III.) Abtheilung. Karlsruhe, Creuzbauer, 1838. Karlsruhe, Creuzbauer, 1838. 3 Teile in 1 Band. (4), 58 SS. (4), 193, (1) SS. (2), 104, (2) SS. Mit zus. 95 (statt 96) Stahlstichtafeln. Halblederband der Zeit mit goldgepr. Rückentitel und -vergoldung. Dreiseitiger Farbschnitt. Kl.-4to.

EUR 650.00

Einzige Ausgabe des hübschen Ansichtenwerks; die Abteilungs- bzw. Stichzahl an den Titeln vom Verlag aufmontiert. Es fehlt die Ansicht der Kölner Marienkirche. Mit einigen hs. Anstreichungen und Ergänzungen in Blei- bzw. Tintenstift. Aus der Bibliothek des Vorarlberger Rechtsanwalts Dr. Karl J. Steger mit dessen gest. Exlibris (Ranzoni [sculpsit] 1950) im vorderen Innendeckel. {BN#11887}
¶ Schmitt 79. Kayser VII, 324. Engelmann 824f.

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Géramb, Maria Joseph. Voyage de la Trappe a Rome. Paris, Laval, 1838. Paris, Laval, 1838. Vortitel, Porträtfrontispiz, III-XII, 487 SS. Bedruckte Originalbroschur. Gr.-8vo.

EUR 60.00

Erste Ausgabe. - Reisebericht des Abtes Géramb (1772-1848) von seinem Romaufenthalt, dem Stil der Zeit gemäß in 30 Briefen (1837-38) verfaßt. - Vereinzelt leicht stockfleckig. {BN#1540}

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