Grill, Johannes. Generaale goudt-balans of goudts-waarde; aanwyzende in tafelen, een naaukeurige uitrekening in gelde, van alle soorten van't bruto goudt.

Amsterdam, Hendrik van Eyl, 1715.

4to. (12), 224 pp. Contemporary full vellum.


First edition.

Tables for the calculation of the value of gold, minted or in bars, of different weight and purity. The weights are expressed in three units: marks (from 100 to 1), ounces (from 7 to 1), and English (from 15 to 1/4). The purity varies from 1/8 grein (1/96 carat) by 1/4 greins to 24 carats. The corresponding values are stated in guilders, pennies and mites (a mite being 1/48 of a penny), all based on the 355 guilder standard.

Nothing appears known about the writer save that he was "essayeur" (gold and silver inspector) in Amsterdam. At the end of his preface he states that he has compiled similar tables for silver, but that the great costs have so far kept him from publishing them. Indeed, some time later the tables for both gold and silver appeared in a single volume, entitled "Essai-boek of uitgereekende tafelen van alle gehaltens in t goudt en zilver" (without mention of the year). Dedicated to several former Amsterdam aldermen, directors of the Societeit van Suriname and commissionaires of the Wisselbank.

A good copy.

Bierens de Haan 1835. EHB 213.

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