Lenin's most important and substantial work

[Lenin (Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov); pseud.:] Vladimir Ilyin. Razvitie kapitalizma v Rossii. Protsess obrazovaniia vnutrenniago rynka dlia krupnoi promyshlennosti [The Development of Capitalism in Russia. The Process of Formation of a Home Market for Large-Scale Industry].

St. Petersburg, A. Leifert, 1899.

Large 8vo. (2), IX, (1), IV, 480, VIII, (2) pp. With 2 plates (1 folding); 1 letterpress table folded. Original printed wrappers.


Very rare first edition of Lenin's most important and substantial work, constituting his only genuine contribution to economics. Written while he was in exile in Siberia and published the year after his first publication, the book established Lenin's reputation as a major Marxist theorist. "'The Development of Capitalism in Russia' is an example of Lenin's acute observation of all facets of the Russian economy. Its detailed documentation of the peculiarities of Russian capitalism - peculiarities stemming from the 'simultaneous existence of the most advanced forms of industry and semi-medieval forms of agriculture' - provides a concrete answer to the questions of how it was possible for the October revolution to succeed twenty years later and to what it owed its specific features" (Walicki). "[E]ven to this day the only comprehensive economic history of a country from a Marxist perspective" (The New Palgrave). 'The Development of Capitalism in Russia' was the result of tremendous research lasting more than three years. Lenin began intensive work on his book when in prison, soon after his arrest in connection with the case of the St. Petersburg "League of Struggle for the Emancipation of the Working Class", and finished it in the village of Shushenskoye where he lived in exile. He had, however, been gathering material for his book long before he began writing it. In his first letter from prison, dated January 2, 1896, Lenin wrote: "I have a plan that has occupied my mind considerably ever since I was arrested, increasingly so as time passes. I have long been engaged on an economic problem (that of the marketing of the products of manufacturing industry within the country), have selected some literature, drawn up a plan for its analysis and have even done some writing with a view to having my work published in book form, should its dimensions exceed those of a magazine article. I should be very unwilling to give up on the job, and am now, apparently, faced with the alternative of either writing it here or of abandoning it altogether." The draft of "The Development of Capitalism in Russia" was completed in August 1898. In a letter dated October 11, 1898, Lenin wrote: "I have finished drafting my markets, and I have begun to give them the finishing touches. The making of a fair copy will go on simultaneously, so that I have thought of sending it off in parts and of having it printed as it gets there in order to avoid delay; if they begin printing it in December, it might just be in time for this season." Much time was needed to give the manuscript the finishing touches and the job was completed at the end of January 1899. "The Development of Capitalism in Russia" came off the press at the end of March 1899, under the pseudonym of "Vladimir Ilyin." - Untrimmed and partly uncut in the original printed wrappers. Rebacked, preserving original printed spine lettering. Light soiling to extremities, occasional pencil markings, otherwise a fine and clean copy.

Khronologicheskii ukazatel’ proizvedenii V. I. Lenina 269. OCLC 37919611.

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