Napoleon Franz Bonaparte, Duke of Reichstadt (1811-1832). Autograph notes from his military education, about the defence of Vienna.

No place, ca 1830.

2 pages on a bifolium. Folio. Certificate of authenticity, dated Vienna, 20 May 1840 and sealed with red sealing wax, on page 1.


In German: "An army of 40 battalions, 60 squadrons, 60 guns is ordered to take down an enemy position on the Wienerberg, being an Italian one of 60 battalions, 80 squadrons and 100 guns.

There are three ways to position oneself on the Wienerberg [...]".

With handwritten certificate of authenticity by the Duke's chamberlain Baron J. K. von Moll: "That these lines are written in the own hand of the Duke of Reichstadt is certified by the undersigned, who served the late Duke as chamberlain during the last two years of his life".

Formerly Napoleon's crown prince, the Duke of Reichstadt acquired the title by which he is known through a gift of his grandfather's, Emperor Francis I. He was given a military education, reflecting his principal interests. A gifted horseman in the "Kaiserjäger" regiment, the Duke was made corporal in 1822 and captain in 1828; he died holding the rank of a colonel of the infantry.

Includes a lithographic portrait.

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