[Arabic Manuscript]. A miscellany of curriculum texts on Arabic morphology.

N. p., [1791 CE] = 1206 H.

121 ff. on Arabic manuscript paper, Ottoman naskh script, illuminated headings (sar lawh) at the beginning of each text, all texts set in a frame. Full-leather oriental binding with flap, blind-tooled ornamentation.


A miscellany of curriculum texts on Arabic morphology with texts in Arabic, copied by Ali al K... (colophon at the end of text no. 5, where a more precise date is given: 16 Rabi I 1206 [1791]). Contents: 1) pp. 2-99. Marah al-Arwah, by Ahmad b. `Ali b. Mas`ud (fl. beginning 8/14th cent.), GAL G II, 21.

2) al-Tasrif al-`Izzi by `Izz al-Din `Abd al-Wahhab b. Ibrahim al-Zangani (655/1257), GAL G I, 283.

3) al-Maqsud fil-Tasrif, anonymous, though sometimes ascribed to Abu Hanifa al-Nu`man b. Thabit (d. 150/767), GAL S I, 287.

4) Bana´ al-Af`al. Anonymous work on the morphology of the Arabic verb.

5) Amthila. Paradigm of the Arabic verb. Text in gadwal.

6) Shorter notes, prayers, quotations, etc., in Arabic and Turkish.

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