[Poster - Hans Neumann]. Advertisement for "Residenzmodenhaus Zwieback am Fleischmarkt".

Vienna, c. 1925.

Colour print, measuring 125:93 cm. Folded.


Large-format advertising poster by the Viennese studio Hans Neumann for the renowned fashion dealer Zwieback on the Fleischmarkt in central Vienna. Hans Neumann (1888-1960) studied at the Viennese Academy of Arts and then was mainly active in Berlin until WWI. After the war, he established one of Austria's largest advertising studios with numerous employees (cf. Bernhard Denscher, Österreichische Plakatkunst 1898-1938, Vienna 1992, p. 200). In 1938, emigrated to London and later to Australia, where he founded a very successful Atelier for Graphic Design in Melbourne.

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