Fairs and catalogues

Up to eight times a year we exhibit at one of the major international antiquarian book fairs. For each fair we prepare a catalogue containing a representative selection from our current stock, published two weeks in advance and mailed to our customers free of charge. We invite you to sign up for these catalogues here.

Until after the fair, these special offers are listed only within the fair catalogue and its online version on this website. They are not listed in our general stock inventory nor on the familiar online book marketplace platforms.

The same applies to our printed incidental catalogues, published irregularly and usually compiled with a special theme or an occasion in mind, which are also automatically mailed to our subscribed customers. Frequently, these catalogues contain recent acquisitions or record entire libraries. When we aim to sell an archive or an especially interesting collection complete, we publish the respective catalogue through our own publishing house. These handsome volumes are available through us as well as through the regular bookselling trade.