Buying policy

We are always interested in acquiring valuable and rare books as well as significant manuscripts and autographs. For cash payment we take over separate items and entire libraries. We are happy to appraise and buy large collections on location – even outside Austria.

We buy autographs from the fields of music, science, and literature as well as the performing, pictorial, and fine arts. We buy printed books from all fields, from the period of incunabula to the mid-19th century.

We dedicate special attention to estates and archives of important personalities of science and the arts. Through specially prepared archive catalogues we have been able to sell during the past years the archives of Viktor Léon (librettist, 1859–1940), Leo Fall (operetta composer, 1873–1925), Lotte Lehmann (singer, 1888–1976), Otto Tressler (actor, 1871–1865), Max Reinhardt (director, 1873–1743) and Josef Schrammel (founder of the legendary Viennese “Schrammel” quartet, 1852–1895) as well as the last privately owned important original manuscripts by Ludwig Wittgenstein (philosopher, 1889–1951). Contained within the aforesaid inventories were letters and manuscripts of complete works by Sigmund Freud, Egon Friedell, Franz Lehár, Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Johann Strauss, Franz Werfel, Stefan Zweig and many others. The transactions were handled – according to the owners’ wishes – per interim financing and purchase on our part or by entrusting our firm on commission with the best possible commercialisation of the inventory.

Among the large libraries which we have been able to sell as complete collections during the last few years were the Library of the German Socialists in Cleveland, Ohio; the 12,000-volume encyclopaedia collection of Otmar Seemann; and the diplomatic reference library of Ferdinand Bonaventura Count Harrach (1637–1707). Many of these sales, too, were initiated by the publication of specially prepared collection catalogues, all of which have been praised by reviewers and remain oft-purchased standard works of reference.

If you have something to sell, need an estimate, or are interested in individual offers and concepts of commercialisation, please phone us at +43-1-409.61.90 (Mondays through Fridays, 10 AM to 6 PM). You can send us photographs, lists, and photocopies via email as well as fax (+43-1-409.61.90.9). For the appraisal of individual items please use our online form.