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The only copy in "Fuerstenkolorit" ever to appear on the market

Gerald de Jode.

Speculum orbis terrae. Antwerp 1593. With 108 maps in luxury colour.

The rarest and most sought-after atlas of the 16th century, a copy in splendid, unsurpassed luxury colour referred to as „Fuerstenkolorit“, reserved for the highest nobility. The colouring surpasses by far that of the finest copy that has surfaced on the market previously (cf. Wardington sale, Sotheby’s, Oct 18, 2005, lot 219: ┬ú250,000 including buyer’s premium). Wants the title page of vol. 1, two leaves of text, and the fourth map in vol. 2 (Suetia). – F. v. Ortroy, L’oeuvre cartographique de Gerard et de Corneille de Jode, Gand 1914, 82-121. Koemann II, Jod 2.